Display of Negative Countries on the seller and the option with the user to delete the preferred and negative locations

IndiaMART is always finding new ways to help the business of sellers go smoothly and more effectively. One of the features that is present is the classification of preferred locations as positive and negative. IndiaMART has updated the design of the seller page to display the negative countries on the seller portal and has given the user the option to delete some locations or choose some locations as the preferred ones for a successful business.

How was the system earlier?

  • The IndiaMART seller portal was displaying cities in the categories of CPL cities, preferred cities, negative cities as well as preferred countries
  • Negative countries were not being displayed before, and hence this feature has been added to the seller portal now

How is the system now?

  • Along with the previous classifications of CPL cities, preferred cities, negative cities as well as preferred countries, IndiaMART seller portal will now also display the negative countries category
  • With this change, there has been the implementation of a Do it yourself model (DIY). This has been done by giving the user an option to delete the preferred as well as the negative locations that are displayed
  • A seller can now delete the negative and preferred location from the list based on the BL behaviour
  • There is a small cross mark near the name of the location that the user can click to delete the location
  • The seller will not be able to delete the CPL cities that are based on the subscribed cities

New design on the seller portal:

How to delete a location:

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