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There are lots of transactions that take place on IndiaMART in a day. For its users, IndiaMART launched a highly secure and user-friendly payment portal with all the latest technologies payment options in the market. In addition to payments made by the customers, sellers also make many payments for various services provided by IndiaMART. After every transaction, IndiaMART delivers an invoice with payment detail that happened between sellers and IndiaMART. These invoices saved in the invoice section in order to keep a record of past transactions. Recently IndiaMART made another update in UI of invoice section in order to display more detailed information about the transaction. We have added more columns that show more details for each transaction made by the seller to IndiaMART on Seller.IM. 

How was the information system earlier?

  • Earlier, information under IndiaMART invoices section consisted of Payment Mode, payment date and total amount displayed

Business Objective:

  • The main objective of the changes is to provide more information about the payment sections given by the seller along with their NACH registration status, which can be applicable in some cases and might not be applicable in some
  • These changes are available for the sellers so that they can keep a track of all their transactions and avoid any kind of discrepancy that occurs regarding any payment


Older User Interface:

  • The older user interface consists of information about payment date, payment mode, and total amount
  • Some important information is not mentioned in older UI which has been added in a recent update.

Below is the image of older UI.

New User Interface:

  • Recently, IndiaMART made updates its payment section for sellers and has added many columns to display more information about each transaction
  • The new UI consists of older UI options along with some new columns such as payment status, NACH status, service name, and service mode
  • NACH stands for the National Automated Clearing House, which is a solution for banks and corporations to facilitate high volume, an inter-bank electric transaction that occurs periodically as shown in the below image

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