Managing your lead becomes easier | Android Launch | App version 12.4.7

IndiaMART InterMESH Limited is an Indian e-commerce company. It provides B2B services through its web portal as well as the app. In the year 1996, Dinesh Agarwal and Brijesh Agrawal established the website for IndiaMART, to be used as a business-to-business portal to help Indian manufacturers connect with their prospective buyers, and eventually it evolved into a group. The headquarter of IndiaMART is in Noida, India. With the Android launch of the IndiaMART app version 12.4.7, any kind of business transaction has become easy like never before. The updated version of the app comes with new features that will help you to keep all your business deals and numbers on your fingertips. It comes with amazing features like:

Summary Bar in Lead Manager 
This new version has added a new Summary Bar under the listing tab of Message Center. This was done, keeping in mind the need to help sellers reply to the buyers’ queries without any delay. There are various categories in the Summary Bars designed to help the sellers for various purposes. Some of them are:

  • Unread Messages: To identify unread messages from prospective buyers and reply to them at the earliest.
  • Missed Calls: To be informed about any call that they might have missed from any buyer.
  • To Follow Up: To keep a reminder about any business deal with any buyer than needs a follow-up or further communication before consolidating the deal.

Clicking on these Summary Bars provides an easy way and takes the user to a filtered view of the respective business details.

Now Upload Multiple Images for your Product 
Initially, IndiaMART allowed sellers to upload only a single image of the particular product that they were selling. In the Android app of IndiaMART, version 12.4.7, there is the provision to upload multiple images of a single product. With the ability to create a catalog to add up to 12 images, sellers are now able to upload multidimensional images of a single product that they are proposing to sell. This helps the buyers to visualize the entire product before buying it and enhances business transparency.

Smart BL Filter Bar 
Previously, all types of BuyLead buyers and sellers used to see the same type of filters in the BuyLead discovery stage. However, the Android app of IndiaMART, Application has now updated the BuyLead filters display so that sellers can see leads on the previous purchase patterns of the buyer that suits them according to their behavior.

Instant Chat with Suppliers and Buyers along with Offline Messages 
IndiaMART recognizes the importance of sufficient communication between the buyers and sellers before taking up a business deal. With that in mind, the Android app of IndiaMART, the app has introduced the facilities of offline reply, call, reminders, and notes options on Lead Manager. This has not only enhanced the experience of both buyers and sellers while chatting on Lead Manager or Messages but also allows users with low or no internet connectivity to seamlessly continue their chatting without any interruption.

Stable Status in Lead Manager and Messages for Online Users
In order to reduce interruption in communication between the buyers and sellers,  new application version allows the online status of the buyer or seller contact to persist in the Lead Manager screen and the chat message screen for 2 minutes. The app aims to provide a stable and nonfluctuating online status for the buyers and sellers involved in the deal and works on the logic that if a user is online at any point of time, he will remain online without any kind of recheck or update of the status for 2 minutes.

PNS Page Screen Setting – Managing Office and Non Office Timings
The application has introduced a new PNS setting screen. From this PNS setting, the user can not only view the actual numbers that were associated with PNS service but also can change the settings for office and nonoffice timings from the same screen. More importantly, the screen can display the working and functionality of PNS service.


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