Login via Trucaller feature now on Enquiry/BuyLead forms of M-site

Recently IndiaMART has implemented the sign-in with Trucaller feature on BL/ENQ forms of IndiaMart website to make better users experience. These changes are made to improve the conversion rate of the platform.

How was the system earlier?

  • Earlier, if a user wants to get the best price under a particular seller, they need to fill some form formalities. These forms collect information about the buyer. The buyer needs to verify their number by using OTP sent to the registered mobile number, and they also need to specify their location and email ID to receive the information about the best price of the particular product that they have asked for in the IndiaMART web portal.
  • To get the best price information, user needs to follow the same procedure which is time-consuming

Business Objectives:

  • The main objective of implementing the sign-in with Trucaller feature on BL/ENQ to increase the successful login attempts for users whose mobile numbers are already verified
  • The ENQ/BL form can be auto-filled by capturing the User-consent based mapped users profile like their Name, Email, and location.

How is the system now?

As per time and technological advancements, we found a lot of changes in the IndiaMART web and Mobile App and site like AI-based searching process techniques, single-click Trucaller feature login, etc.

  • Due to digitalization and technological advancements, we have found changes in the IndiaMART web and m-site. Today approx. 500 million internet users are available in India, handling the database and individual queries of 500 million users is not an easy task that’s why we have made a lot of changes in IndiaMART web and m-site like sign up by single click with Trucaller number and other sign up method Gmail account, etc so that we don’t fill all details manually in portal.
  • We have implemented the sign-in with the Trucaller feature on BL/ENQ forms of IndiaMART’s mobile site to make the experience better. Sign in to login process by Trucaller number include some basic steps: first of all register with Trucaller number and get OTP on your number then after enter your number in IndiaMART m-site, it will automatically fetch you information from you true caller account and you can easily login in IndiaMART app or m-site and able to start posting your product details as per your product availability anywhere and anytime in India
  • This change in the IndiaMART website is also made to reduce the effort

The First look of the screen:

In the above picture, you can see the display of the supplier when the user filled their requirements in the search box. Here Users can simply get information about a supplier or call the supplier directly by the option “get the best price” and “call now” and also show the login process with Truecller.

How will the user flow work?

There will be two workflows depending on the user:

  1. The first one is that the user has a verified number on True Caller and true caller app is installed on the mobile of a user, the user will have a much easier and shorter pathway for gathering the required information
  2. The second one is that the user doesn’t have a true caller verified number and the true caller app is not installed on the user mobile, then he has to fill all forms manually, and then verify his number by entering OTP receive on his registered mobile number

In below image the system architecture of flow work and sign in with Truecaller.

True Caller benefits to the end-user:- 

  • Single click log-in without having to enter their phone numbers and their names manually
  • The names and other information will be automatically filled
  • No need to verify their phone numbers using OTP every time when information required
  • Pre-filled email to users, which requires only a single click for confirmation
  • The city will also be pre-filled for final submission

IndiaMART will keep making changes in his application to improve the experience of the user further. 

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