Integrating IndiaMART’s Lead Manager with ZOHO CRM

IndiaMART’s Official plugin is available on the ZOHO Marketplace to integrate IndiaMART’s Lead Manager with ZOHO. This plugin uses IndiaMART’s CRM API to integrate the data of all the available leads on the Lead Manager on IndiaMART.

This plugin automatically fetches the new leads after every 2 hours and has an additional feature to fetch old leads into your CRM. This is a limitation at ZOHO’s end that allows leads to be fetched every 2 hours and this duration cannot be reduced.

This plugin is configured to be used with CRM API version 2, therefore be careful while generating the key and use the correct version of the key in the plugin.

API Key Generation:

Before installing the plugin, please generate the CRM key if not done yet. The API key for integration can be generated or viewed by visiting

Installing the Plugin on ZOHO

Login to your ZOHO account and search for IndiaMART Official Plugin on the ZOHO Marketplace. This is an official plugin provided by IndiaMART and is available for free on the ZOHO Marketplace.

Step 1:  Upon clicking on install the following screen will appear. Select both the checkboxes and click on continue.

Step 2: Select Install for all users and confirm.

Step 3: Now please enter the CRM API key which was generated previously or generate a new one if not generated yet and click Save.

Note: Be careful while submitting the key. Please use only the API Version 2 key for integration.

The Plugin is installed and the integration has started.  Now go back to the CRM home and leads will start getting added to the Leads Module.

Leads Module:

Automatic Lead fetching:

Once the installation is done, the integration will start and a scheduler will run every 2 hours to fetch the new leads from IndiaMART and insert them into the Leads module. The scheduler can’t be configured to less than 2 hours as per Zoho’s policies.

Integration has started and  can be checked from the logs screen on IndiaMART’s Lead Manager. The logs will show all the API requests made and the number of leads fetched per API request.

To check the logs: Sign in on

Fetch New Leads:

The plugin also allows users to manually fetch new leads if one wishes to do so within the 2 hour interval. Fetch New Leads feature allows fetching all the new leads from the Last data fetch time. To do so, under the three dots menu() select IndiaMART Plugin.

The following screen shows you the saved CRM Key and the last time the leads were fetched by the plugin. To fetch new leads between the previous lead fetch time to the current time, click on Fetch Leads. All the new leads will be fetched into the CRM. The Last data fetch time will be updated to the current time. Also, when the automatic scheduler runs the next time, it will consider the updated Last data fetch time and will fetch the remaining leads.

Fetch Old Leads:

The Plugin also allows fetching old leads into your CRM. This can be done manually from the Fetch Old Leads tab and this allows to fetch leads for the last 365 days. The plugin allows fetching data for a maximum of 7 days at a time by selecting the start date and end date and clicking on the Fetch Leads Button.

Note: If you are using the plugin for the first time and have generated a new key today then the old data will be available after 24 hours

Check and validate Integration

To check if integration has started and is working correctly, go to the settings menu and select Audit logs under Data Administration. These logs on ZOHO tell when the automatic scheduler ran and the number of leads that were fetched.
You can also visit: and under the API Hit Logs Tab on the V2 key generation screen, all the API requests made in the last 15 days are available. These show the details of the API requests made and the number of leads fetched.


The following errors can be encountered in case you are manually fetching leads. Please follow the suggested steps in case you are getting the following errors:

1. “It is advised to hit this API once in every 5 minutes, but it seems that you have crossed this limit. Please try again after 5 minutes.”

The API  allows data to be fetched evey 5 minutes. Please wait for 5 minutes and try again to fetch the leads.

2.“CRM key that you are using is incorrect. Kindly use the correct CRM key as provided in the email.

Please cross-check the CRM key. This should exactly be the same as it is on the email or refer to the crm key generation screen to view the active API key.

3.  “CRM key that you are using has expired as it was no longer in use. Kindly generate the new CRM key and use the new CRM key in API URL”

The CRM key will expire in case there is no user activity through the generated CRM key in the last 15 days. In such cases, you must generate the CRM key again. Or you may have generated a new key but are still using the old key.

4.“There are no leads in the given time duration. Please try for a different duration.”

Please check with the different date ranges as there are no leads available for the time range.

5.“CRM key that you are using has expired as it was no longer in use. Kindly use the new key which you have generated on ’23-07-2021′ Check your email or SMS for the new key.”

Please cross-check the CRM key as the CRM key you are using has expired. The CRM key expires when a new key is generated.

6.“Too Many  Requests”

If there are more than 5 CRM API requests in a minute, the CRM key will be disabled for 15 minutes for that user. Please wait for 15 minutes to again use the key.

7.“You can fetch the data for the last 365 days only. Kindly change the Start Time or End Time accordingly”

Please check if the date range mentioned is correct. The CRM API only allows to fetch data for the last 365 days from key generation time, please try to fetch data within the allowed range.

8.“Leads before 25-02-2022 12:57:54 will be available after 24 hours from the CRM key generation time. However, you can start the integration and fetch new leads.”

Check if you are trying to fetch data older than the CRM Key generation time. That data will be available after 24 hours. For example, if you have generated the new key on 28-12-2021 at 10 AM the data previous to this date will be available from 29-12-2021 at 10 AM.

9.“The CRM key that you are using is for the older version of the API. Please generate the key for CRM API Version 2 and try again.”

You are using the key of the older version for integration. Please use the Version 2 API key or generate a new Version 2 Key and try again. You can generate a new key by visiting:

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