How to become a Verified Supplier?

The following steps must be followed to become a Verified Supplier on IndiaMART:

  • Get your mobile number and email verified through OTP (one-time password)

  • Update company name and company address*

  • Add at least 6 products in your catalog on your Seller Panel.
  • You will get a verification call from IndiaMART verification team once you have completed the above-mentioned steps.
  • Note that the company address must be specific.

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      1. indiamart

        Dear Braham,

        We hope that your issue has been resolved. If still the issue persists then fill the complain form. Our team will take care of it.

        Thank you!

      1. indiamart

        Dear Shekhar,

        Thanks for choosing IndiaMART. You could post your requirement at Once the requirement is posted, you’ll receive the details of the relevant suppliers dealing in the product you’re looking for and you can finalize the deals post discussion with the seller of your choice.


      1. indiamart

        Dear Concern,

        Thank you for connecting with us. Request you to follow the steps mentioned in the article to sell your products on IndiaMART.


      1. indiamart

        Hello Ayyappan,

        Our team tried to call you multiple times but could not connect. Requesting you to please do not miss any calls from IndiaMART. They will explain you how to get star supplier package

    1. P.

      Dear team,
      How much is the costing if i register a paid service in indiamart?


      1. indiamart

        Hello P.Jadhav,

        As per your request our sales team had a discussion with you regarding paid services of IndiaMART. Please let us know when you will be ready to onboard as a paid seller.

    2. Vandana

      Hii…can I register myself as a cake supplier…what are the requirements to become a seller of homemade cakes…pls help??
      I don’t have GST no…

      1. indiamart

        Hello Vandana,

        If you do not have GST, you cannot have a paid account & can only be a free seller. You can refer the steps given in the article to create a free seller account.

    3. Jacksri

      Hi, I want to buy a product from India mart. If there is any fraud from the seller, how to contact or India mart and make complain. How assure the sellers are genuine. Please advice.

      1. indiamart

        Hello Jacksri,

        In case of any fraud, you can always complain here by providing details about it. Our buyer-seller conflict team will work on the issue.

      1. indiamart

        Hello Hari,

        Yes, you are now a free seller at IndiaMART. Please do not miss our sales call if you wish to go forward with the paid services of IndiaMART.

    4. Neha

      I have registered as a seller with my company name but my company name is not visible plz help me how buyers will contact me

      1. indiamart

        Hello Neha,

        As your account is free account, your company name/ products in catalog are listed very low. If you wish to get higher listing so that your company name comes up higher in the list, we suggest you to opt for our paid services. By doing so, you will get more buyer enquiries and you will also get buyleads which will get you buyers contact details who are interested in your products.

        Please let us know if you need any other information.

    5. Arvind

      I searched my business using product I sell but was unable to find my business listing, though i am verified. Please help.

    6. Kamlesh

      Hello Sir/Madam
      I have nearly 70/80 old Indian coins of different variety and I want to sell to your buyers listed in your site. Please let me know how should I go about by showing all the coins. Please let me know step by step.


    7. Vaishali

      hello sir /madam
      I have contacted one of ur varified seller i liked his collcetion at the tym of payment he sent me his peraonal account details n not compnys current acc he said he dont have any how can we trust such seller? Do u guarantee such sellers?

      1. indiamart

        Hello Vaishali,

        IndiaMART acts only as a marketplace for connecting buyers with suppliers. We verify necessary details like GST Number, Mobile Number, Location, Email ID etc before providing them verification status.
        However you can opt for Payment protection Program of IndiaMART.
        Please refer IndiaMART Payment Protection article to know how the Payment Protection works and how it is a safe option.
        Let us know if you need any other help.

    8. Nerswn

      I want to sell paddy rice more then 2 tone, so i want best price and nearest buyers. please help me.

      nerswn basumatary

      1. indiamart

        Hello Sir,

        We have noted your request. Our team will contact you soon for further process.
        Please let us know if you need any other help.

    9. Sanjay

      Hi, I’ve not received much buy leads after opening account..
      Please help me regarding that..

      1. indiamart

        Hello Sanjay,

        In order to receive buy leads you need to include all the details for the products you have kept in the catalog with price, description, photo. We suggest you to have a product quality score of above 85. Also, you can search for buy leads yourself through search section and consume them. Using the pattern of your consumption we will determine your preference and will be able to provide you with more and more relevant buyleads.

        Please let us know if you require any other information.

    10. Pravin

      I have created a free seller account on IndiaMART. When I checked my “WHO VIEWED MY CATALOG” Page, it shows , Page is currently unavailable.Why is that so ???

      1. indiamart

        Hello Pravin,

        We regret for the inconvenience caused. We will look into your issue on priority.
        Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

    11. Vivek

      i have my account in India MART but since 11th of July, leads are not coming, can you please update me in this regards

      1. indiamart

        Dear Vivek,

        Your catalog score is very low ” 31% ” which is why you are not getting inquiries. You need to add all the details related to your products. Please add product name, images, prices and descriptions to the products only then you will be getting inquiries and the buy leads for the updated products.

        Please let us know if any other assistance is required.

      2. indiamart

        Hello Vivek,

        Thanks for writing to us. We have noted your concern and raised a ticket(Ref no. 3166774). Our executives will contact you soon.

        Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

    12. PRASANNA

      I am really confused with the site, i was registered earlier as a verified seller, but there are no signs of my profile

      1. indiamart

        Hello Prasanna,

        The registration process has been kept simple to help you register easily on IndiaMART. You need to add atleast 3 products in your Catalog to become a Supplier on IndiaMART. The products added by you reflect on your catalog within 24 hours (subject to approval by IndiaMART). Once Products are approved, you will be able to access your Catalog.
        If the issue persists, please write to us at or call us at 09696969696.

    13. Ziauddin

      I want to sell out my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 how should I sell this it’s only a single piece