Does IndiaMART provide guarantee for products?

IndiaMART is an online marketplace to connect buyers with suppliers. It does not provide assurance of product quality on behalf of listed suppliers
However, we provide the buyer with multiple options of suppliers to choose from. We recommend you to connect with multiple suppliers and then choose the most suitable one.

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  1. Balchandran

    I have requested for test strips for ONETOUCH HORIZON blood glucoseMeter. Understand that manufacture had dicontinued manufacture. can i trust offers received. Are they from orginal suppliers
    .pl confirm

    1. indiamart

      Hello Balchandran,

      Our team does a background check by validating various legal documents. The verification symbols given above the View Mobile number suggests whether the supplier is legitimate or not. The verification symbols like TrustSeal, Leading Supplier, Star Supplier, verified supplier suggests the genuineness of the supplier.

      Please let us know if you require any other information.

  2. Uma

    We bought valves from M/s Jekon Controls, Gujarat. All their valves failed and rejected by our end client, Quality is very poor. Vendor is not taking back their valves and providing refund to us

    we need your support on this aspect


    1. indiamart

      Hello Uma,

      We have duly noted your concern and team will reach out to you for more details and try to solve the issue.

      Please let us know if you have any other concern.

  3. Pawan

    Connect me product’s are totally Frdulent people’s and very very poor service please I request to indiamart remove it. I have strong proof if u need I will share you…

    1. indiamart

      Hello Pawan,

      Please fill out the complaint form so that we can work on the issue. Provide complete details.

      Please let us know if you need any other help.

  4. Rijo

    I purchased a priduct worth 50k from N2S tecnologies chennai,with priduct warranty of 1tear.The product got damaged i 4months and after so many followups they repaired the product.Now this company is demanding Rs5900 as service charge for product under can indiamart guide me

    1. indiamart

      Hello Rijo,

      We regret for the inconvenience caused. Our team will follow up with you regarding details and resolve the problem.

      Please let us know if you need any further assistance.