“Be Aware!” Fraud user alert at Mobile Site Messages

The users at Mobile Site messages are notified about the fraud buyers/ sellers so that they can be cautious while dealing with such users and take their decision accordingly.

In case the buyer is marked as fraud then we will showcase an alert on conversation screen with message discouraging user to deal with that fraud user  as shown in the screenshot below. Also, in case the user closes alert popup, we have added a fraud user icon on the header besides buyer’s name/ company name to remind users that they are dealing with a fraud user. If a user clicks on this icon, fraud user alert appears again.

The alert will be displayed when:
        1. When a user opens conversation page to chat with a fraud user
       2. User closes the alert but taps on fraud user icon on the header


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  1. Elena

    Hi I was decieved by a product I have ordered through a seller name : health ayuverda with
    gstin no.: 07CRJPB3633A1ZD
    Invoice no.: S3137
    The product is quite different from my order and paid 2000rs I need help in this issue !

    1. indiamart

      Hello Elena,

      We regret for the inconvenience caused. Please fill out the complaint form given in the above article for which a button is provided if you have not already filled. We will work on resolving

      the issue on priority. Please let us know if you have any other concerns

  2. Jaswanth

    I ordered one hmt watch and paid through paytm to seller account and that company is your verified seller namely UNIQUE COLLECTIONS Delhi based
    Now how can I enquire about delivery of item

    1. indiamart

      Hello Jaswanth,

      IndiaMART does not provide any shipping service. You need to contact your supplier to get the details.
      Please let us know if you need any additional details.

  3. Hitesh

    Hello i am from hariom machine tools.
    Aditya exports, Batala has duplicate image of our products.
    Whats should i do?
    Or how can you help me?

    1. indiamart

      Hello Hitesh

      Please fill the complaint form for which a button is given “Complaint Form” in the above article. Our team will work on the issue.
      Please let us know if you have any other concern.