1. What is Vyapar?

Vyapar is a billing and accounting software made for Indian businessmen to manage invoicing, inventory, accounting needs, etc.

2. How can I download the Vyapar App?

You can download the Vyapar app from Play Store or can visit the site directly https://vyaparapp.in/ for downloading the app.

3. How can I use Vyapar App?

It is very simple to use the Vyapar app. You can check all the required information on how to use the app via this link:https://vyaparapp.in/blog/how-to-use-vyapar-for-your-restaurant-business-in-simple-steps

4. Is it mandatory to use the Vyapar app?

It is a value-added service, so if you do not wish to use it, you can opt out of it during the Vyapar welcome call.

5. I am already using the paid subscription of Vyapar. What is the benefit for me?

Vyapar Service shall be extended for one year from the current expiry date of your service.

6. I am already using Tally/Marg etc., why should I use Vyapar?

Vyapar is a complimentary value-added service, which will help you streamline significant areas of your business. We, therefore, recommend you to experience it.

Vyapar also has an edge over traditional accounting software. A comparison of Vyapar with other software can be viewed on this link: https://vyaparapp.in/comparison-with-other-apps

7. I want a proper demo for Vyapar. How can I get a demo?

Once your IndiaMART services will be hosted, you will get a call from Vyapar team where they will give you a demo of Vyapar services and shall also activate your license.

Alternately, you can directly connect with Vyapar team at

8. What if I wish to stop IndiaMART services before one year? What shall be the duration of my Vyapar license in that case? 

Vyapar service will be an add-on service that is valid for up to 1 year, provided your MDC/IndiaMART premium service is activated for the said time duration.

9. Whom can I contact in case of any issue/feedback for Vyapar?

You can connect with Vyapar Team on

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