Experience New face of Indiamart Customer Support

With the company’s mission ‘to make doing business easy’, we are taking one step forward by providing a one-stop solution for all the customer queries with an automated customer service executive “IM Customer Support Assistant”. Please visit Help site to begin the new journey of customer service.

We understood the need for an Interactive Solution for the Customer queries which will help in replacing the traditional ways of FAQ and detailed documentation.

Acknowledging the business problem at hand, we introduced an interactive Self Help and Chatbot solution to answer all the generalized queries of IndiaMART users which are currently directed to Customer Care Number.

Features of Self Help Website

Experience it & share your views with us!

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  1. Tommy

    I need an ceramic toilet Factory manufacturing for to make an prototype to build my innovative toilet at an factory

  2. Guna

    today fed up with the behavoir of your executive who picked up the call and the way he behaved was irresponsible

    1. indiamart

      Hello Guna,

      We apologize for the unsatisfactory experience. We have forwarded your feedback to concerned team for furthur process.
      As requested in your previous comment, We have registered your request with our sales team.Our sales representative will contact you shortly.
      If still, you continue to face problems regarding your request write to us at customercare@indiamart.com.

  3. Guna

    let your CSE shall call to speak with us in English for we seek paid services from you
    call at 7010747678

    1. indiamart

      Thank you for showing your interest in Paid Services of IndiaMART.

      We have registered your request with our sales team.
      Our sales representative will contact you shortly.

      Alternatively you can also call our customer care number +91-9696969696 to connect directly with our representatives.