Enhancements in Enquiries Sub-Menu Items UI

IndiaMART always tries to keep up to date with the latest industrial standards. By this policy, it was noticed that there was some clutter in the seller portal left navigation. To correct this problem, a series of enhancements have been made to the user interface of the seller portal of IndiaMART. Read on to find out what these enhancements are.

How was the previous version seller left navigation?

  • All the submenu options in the left navigation pane of the seller portal were under the enquires header
  • This gave a cluttered look and felt to the navigational feature

What are the new enhancements in enquiries sub-menu items user interface?

  • All submenu items like sent, trash, and so on that were present under the enquiries menu have now been moved to a drop-down menu that is present under ‘inbox’. Additionally, there is a separate option provided to access reports on every page
  • If the user of the seller portal has selected ‘sent’ and then inbox and then ‘trash’, along with the past year enquiries and important enquiries will be visible under the drop-down list. This feature will work on selecting other options also
  • It was found that there are very fewer users using the attachment feature, and hence, this feature has been removed
  • In the attachment drive, all the attachments sent by the user are saved, and some of the attachments are saved in ‘Photos & Docs’. If the user requires information, they can access it from these sections.

Once the seller team removes the submenu, enquiries will be replaced by the inbox and the rest of the functionalities can be accessed from a drop-down menu that is present under the inbox section.

Previous User Interface:

New User Interface:

Photos & Docs:

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