Enhancements in Lead Manager

The lead manager is an important feature of the IndiaMART website. This article will discuss some of the upgrades that have been made in the desktop version of the lead manager.

What are some of the updates to the Lead Manager (Desktop)?

1)Green tick in the contact detail section for mobile verified users:

In order to have more trust between the buyers and sellers on the IndiaMART platform, a green tick mark will now be shown in the contact details section of the user.

2)Easy viewing of chats:

In the lead manager conversations, chats have been separated on the basis of before 1st September 2018 and after 1st September 2018. In order to view the chats before 1st September 2018, the user will have to click on the ‘View more’ button that is displayed on the screen, and then all the previous chats will appear.

3)User Interface enhancements:

If there was no message from the buyer and there were no messages between the buyer and seller, till now, ‘no chat available’ message was being displayed in the chat window.

Now, some more User Interface adjustments have been made where the ‘no chat available’ screen has been replaced with the words “Let’s start a conversation” followed by a button that says “say Hi”.

This will help the seller initiate the conversation with the buyer. If the user clicks on the button, then a message ‘Hi’ will be sent to the buyer.

The user can also follow up with the buyer after two days by clicking on the checkbox beside the text “Remind me after two days”.

If, by chance, there is no response from the service or the connection seems to be slow, a message that says “Something went wrong” will be displayed and a button tilted “try again” is also displayed now. If the user clicks on this button, the chat screen will refresh, and if there is a message from the contact, it will be displayed in the conversation window.

4)Enhancements in hiding Lead User Interface:

Before this update, the Hide and Unhide lead was a two-click process. First, the user would have to click on the down arrow on every contact and then click Hide or Unhide button. This was a tedious process.

Now, the hiding and the unhiding process is much simpler and has been reduced to a single step, for convenience. This option is now displayed as a hovering option and helps to keep the contact list neat and tidy.

Now, if a user hovers on top of contact, a hide lead icon will appear, and once the button is clicked, the contact will be hidden.

If the user wants to unhide a lead, then they have to click on the ‘hidden leads’ option that is present under the three dot menu and then hover over the lead they wish to unhide and then click on the unhide icon.

Hide lead UI enhancement:

UnHide lead UI enhancement:

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