What are the different BuyLead filters available to select most suitable BuyLeads for business?

There are various filters available that you can use to sort/filter BuyLeads as per the business requirement. These filters are available at the top of BuyLeads section in various tabs(Relevant Leads, Recent Leads, Export Leads). 

You can use following BuyLead Filters:

  • Location: To sort buyleads based on your preferred location(city, state, region).
  • Categories/Products: To sort buyleads based on the type of product or its category.
  • Order Value: To find large orders with Order Value filter. 
  • Lead Type: To sort buyleads as per Lead Type(Bulk, Business).
  • Saved Filters: To sort buyleads using your personally saved filters.

If you want to set these filters, please follow the below steps:
  1. Log into Seller Panel.
  2. Click on BuyLeads from left hand-side menu.
  3. Select any one of the BuyLead filters as per the use.
  4. Once you have sorted Buyleads, click on ‘Contact Buyer Now’ to view buyer’s contact details.
Buylead filters-I am interested

For Mobile Users:

For App Users:

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