How do I delete a product from my catalog?

To delete a product from your catalog please follows the following steps:

  1. Log into Seller Dashboard
  2. Click Manage Products
  3. Click on ‘deactivate’ from the menu option in the right corner if to deactivate the product. Once deactivated, the product will be still visible in the inactive products tab so that you can make it active again.
  4. Go to ‘Inactive Products’ tab, in the deactivated section, you can delete the product from the menu options
  5. Open the product you want to delete. From the menu option, click on ‘Delete Product’
  6. You will get a confirmation message. Click OK to delete the product
  7. Click on the bin icon below the product you want to delete

You can refer the below screenshots to delete your product

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  1. Shailendra

    Two daya before I have deleted face mask products then also auto enquiry and mails are coming ,I called up customer service but there is disturbance in the line