Know your Weekly Limit for Accepting Credit Card Payments

IndaMART has a feature of accepting payments from customers via credit cards. In this article, we will discuss some of the key changes that have been made to the “Seller invoice page” in the desktop version for the PWIM sellers.

What was the previous system? What were the problems associated with it?

  • The available credit limit was not visible anywhere on the platform. The only way that the seller would know that the credit limit is exhausted is when a customer tries to pay via credit card, and the transaction does not go through, and a ‘credit limit exceeded’ error would be displayed
  • The calculation of the weekly credit card limit was difficult for some sellers to understand
  • The logic of credit card limit calculation was also not in sync with the Buylead credit allocation cycle

How is the new system design? How does it work?

  • The first and second major changes can be seen in the form of a revamp in the desktop page under seller invoice. As an added feature, the weekly credit card payment acceptance limit is displayed on the screen all the times (on every invoice which the seller shares with the buyer)
  • To be brief, the panel reads, “Your weekly limit to accept credit card payments is Rs ₹₹₹₹.” Hence, the seller can start accepting credit card payments as soon as they land on the collect payment screen.

 There can be three cases that alter the appearance of this field. These three cases are as follows:

  1. When the seller has not used any credit limit, the screen reads as usual, which is: “Your weekly limit to accept credit card payments is Rs ₹₹₹₹.”
  2. When the seller has used a partial limit, the screen reads as usual with the update in the approved credit limit. That is: “Your weekly limit to accept credit card payments is Rs ₹₹.”
  3. When the seller has completely exhausted the limit to accept credit card payments, the panel will read as: “Your weekly limit to accept credit card payments has exhausted. You can still accept payments through other payment modes
  • The previous seven-day cycle has been replaced with a fixed cycle. The new logic of the credit card limit will be between Sunday to Saturday. This will not only help the sellers understand the logic of calculation better, but it will also be in sync with the BuyLead credit allocation cycle.
  • The design and the placement of the “Click here to generate invoice” and the “calculate fees” options have been updated. The design of the “Send payment link” button has also been upgraded. The font size is more readable and recognizable now than it was before.



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