Changes in E-NACH interface

Ab Mobile se bhi E Nach register krna #BadaAasaanHai !!!

We at Pay.IndiaMart would like to inform that we have made changes in the E Nach User Interface on M site also. The new user interface is in accordance with the NPCI guidelines.
In order to improve the overall user experience comply with the NPCI guidelines, we have made the changes.

What is E-Nach?
E-NACH/ E-Mandate is a new payment service that allows anyone with a bank account to easily automate recurring payments.  
How it was earlier?
In the existing UI, there was a drop-down option from where the user used to select the bank and the user had to manually fill the IFSC code of the bank selected.
The existing User Interface is as follows:

What changes we have done?

  • Removal of the user entering IFSC code manually.
  • The user will enter the account number twice, the first input will be masked and in the second input the account number will be should be shown to the user.
  • In case of a mismatch, a warning will be shown to the user.
  • Also, there is a removal of the bank branch getting displayed.

The new User Interface is as follows:

The steps to register your MDC Monthly E-Nach on M site are as follows:

1. Go to 

2. Choose MDC Monthly E Nach

3. Fill the details in the form and submit. A Razorpay pop up will open

4. Authenticate and authorize the payment using Net Banking  

5. Complete details for Net Banking process   

6. Your E Mandate will get successfully registered

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