Can I change my Catalog URL?

You can find your Catalog URL in Manage Profile Section. Please scroll down to see your Catalog URL.

If you want to change Catalog URL

  1. Paid Supplier :- Please Call +91-9696969696 to update your IndiaMART catalog URL.
  2. Free Supplier :- Click on Create Catalog URL to update your Catalog URL

Change URL for Free Supplier

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  1. Devdutt

    I already have a catalogue URL but I want to change it now. Can I do so ?

    1. indiamart

      Hello Devdutt,

      Yes, please refer change your catalog url article for step by step guide for your solution.
      For any further assistance,You can search for your query on our Help Portal or call us at +919696969696, we will be more than happy to solve all your problems and answer all your queries.

  2. Anuj

    I want to delete products posted and update new ? How can I do this

    1. indiamart

      Hello P.S.Srinivas,

      You can update your primary mobile number by using your old registered mobile number or your login password from your Indiamart Profile Section.

      Please click Profile Section for detailed explanation regarding your query.