What is a BuyLead?

BuyLead is the purchase requirement sent by prospective buyers for products and services, which is filtered by IndiaMART and shared with the suppliers dealing in those products/services.

  • The BuyLead alerts are sent to relevant suppliers via email, SMS and app notification
  • Suppliers then consume the relevant BuyLeads

By consuming a BuyLead, supplier gets access to buyer’s contact details.

Benefits of Buy lead

  • Suppliers get instant access to new buyers
  • Details of BuyLeads (i.e. buyer requirement) is visible to suppliers even before consuming it. Hence, suppliers have the choice of consuming BuyLeads only if they find it useful.
  • Suppliers get instant notification of most recent and relevant BuyLeads through multiple channels (Email, SMS and App notification)
  • New Buy Leads Helps supplier in reducing the dependency on existing buyers, thereby, giving suppliers opportunity for expanding their business.

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  1. Akshit

    I was able to consume buy leads via the secondary accounts in previous package but the fraudsters at sales team sold me a downgraded version by assuring that it’s the same package and that the Mini Dynamic Catalog is no longer in use. Now, I can’t use buy leads via any secondary accounts.

    1. indiamart

      Dear Akshit,

      Your concerns were noted under Ticket Id: 4553573.
      We hope our executives were able to resolve your concerns.


    1. indiamart

      Hello Dilip,

      In order to get the contact details of the buyers, you need to either subscribe for paid services of IndiaMART or purchase buyleads separately. You will get this option when you click on any buylead. GST is mandatory in both the cases.

    1. indiamart

      Dear Manoj,

      We do not have any provision for Affiliate Marketing on IndiaMart portal.


    1. indiamart

      Dear RK Mehta,

      We have noted your interest. Our sales team will contact you discuss about international buyleads.
      Please let us know if you need any other help.

    1. indiamart

      Hello Sukhvinder,

      Yes, if you want to purchase a buylead, you need to have GST.
      Please let us know if you have any other query.

  2. Gaurang

    Since I have not required turn over for GST No So I dont applied for it Can I sell product with out GSTN in Local Market

    1. indiamart

      Hello Gaurang,

      If you want to purchase buylead from IndiaMART, you need to have GST. You can create your free seller account on IndiaMART but you will have to rely on buyer enquiries to grow your business.
      Please let us know if you any any other doubts.

  3. Tarun

    If i dont have gstin number then can I consume any buy lead?Plz answer

    1. indiamart

      Hello Tarun,

      No, if you do not have GSTIN, you cannot buy leads on IndiaMART.
      Please let us know if you have any other queries.

  4. Arpit

    Do we receive leads if we are not a paid member.
    I am able to see Buy leads on my Dashboard but on opening error is coming.

    1. indiamart

      Hello Arpit,

      Yes, you can see leads on your dashboard but you can only get the buyer details if you purchase that lead or buy a paid package.

  5. Mukul

    I am interested in this product for my organization.

    Can someone reach out to me – 82XXXXXX75

    1. indiamart

      Dear Mukul,

      Thank you for showing interest. We have a note of your request. Please be ensured we will connect with you.


    1. indiamart

      Dear Concern,

      IndiaMART is a platform for regular selling and it may be noted that business registration is mandatory to sell on our platform. You can list your products on our platform if your business meets the above mentioned criteria. To sell your products on IndiaMART follow the steps mentioned in the article

      Thank you!