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There are many users on the IndiaMART platform that use the tenders’ option. Tenders are an important part of the business for many sellers and buyers. In order to make the experience of the active users of tenders, IndiaMART has decided to make some updates that will help these users to do business in a more effective way. This change has been brought about by the introduction of a tender search page on the IndiaMART platform.

How was the previous tender search feature on IndiaMART?

  • When an active tender user was on the seller page of the IndiaMART website and searched for tenders, they would get redirected to another page that had the tender results (Tenders.IM search page).
  • Many users reported a problem with this because the BL search results were visible in the seller page itself. But in order to access the tender search results, they had to go to another webpage.

What is the new tender search feature on IndiaMART?

  • Now, sellers will not be redirected to another page to view the tender search results.
  • When the user searches for tender information on the seller page, the results will be displayed to the user in the seller page itself.
  • Quick search links, as well as location filters, have been added to make searching for tenders more effective and easy for the user on the IndiaMART platform.
  • The location filter can filter the search results in three ways, Within India, Within the state of the user and also Within the local area of the user.

How does the new Tender search page on Seller look?

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