What are the best practices for adding product description?

Following are some of the best practices that should be followed while specifying the Product description for your products:

  • Use correct spelling, grammar, and specifications about the product and add a unique description for each product
  • Avoid company-related information in product description like email address, phone number, address, etc.
  • Do not include information about additional products in one product description
  • Use bullet points or text in separate lines to describe product specifications
  • Use numerals (5 instead of five; Pack of 5 instead of Pack of Five)
  • Do not use all capitals and all small letters and use abbreviations in the capital (wherever required)
  • Do not include trademarks, logos, unless you have the permission to use them
  • Do not use copied product information from other sources

Note: IndiaMART reserves the right to remove images and content that are not meeting the image and content standards and guidelines.

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