What is a Quotation? What are the benefits of Quotations?

Quotation is a formatted document created by supplier in response to buyer’s requirement. Using this feature, you can also send quotation in a professional format to your prospective buyers in just 2 clicks.

What are the benefits of the quotation feature?

The provision to generate and send quotation in a few steps, has multiple benefits for both, buyer and seller.

Benefits for Sellers

  • It’s helps initiate seller’s discussion with the buyer
  • Quotation in a professional format can be generated easily and shared instantly with the buyer
  • It reduces the negotiation time for both the parties

Benefits for Buyers

  • Buyer receives the quotation in a structured format, hence it becomes easy for him/her to compare quotations received from multiple sellers
  • Buyer can contact the seller who provides him the best deal
  • It reduces the waiting time for the buyer to get the quotation

Know how to create a quotation by clicking here

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