Knowing your BuyLead Balance is now easier

We are happy to announce that the BuyLead balance shown on seller BuyLead pages have become more transparent and is now displaying additional information.

Earlier we had solved a major pressing issue of the user by making the BuyLead balance prominent on the Seller Panel BuyLead pages. The balance shown was the cumulative sum of both lapsable and non-lapsable BuyLeads which the user could consume. The fact that there was no way for the user to identify how much of the balance is lapsable, became a major business problem.

As a solution to this problem, we have now made it easier for the user to understand the exact bifurcation of the balance in terms of lapsable and non-lapsable 

What’s new in the process?
Now the user can see the clear segregation of the balance on the same widget.

For better understanding, we have added a tool-tip (which is activated on hover) which displays the information about the balance.

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