Indiamart Quotations now carry more information

We are absolutely delighted to inform you that we have gone a step ahead to level up the Quotation feature. Basis the feedback we have received from our sellers, we have included features that will make the quotation process easy and seamless like never before.
Read below and know about the various new additions on the quotation feature that will make life easy for millions:

1. GST number
Now we have started including the GST number of the client in the quotation pdf. GSTIN number is automatically fetched, if available.

2. Product Specifications
Now we have started displaying the Product Specifications in each case.
In case, Product Specifications are not present then the description of the product will be provided.

3. Product Name in the Subject
We have provided the flexibility to change/replace the product name which will reflect in quotation pdf.
In case, the client adds some additional products or want to send different products then he can simply change the name.

4. Correct Sequence of the Manually added Product
We have now corrected the sequence for manually added products. Earlier if the product was added manually then it was added at the top. But now, it will be added at the bottom of the list and the same sequence will be reflected in the pdf.

5. Verify Details
We have now added a step- ‘Verify details’ which contains the below details of the seller:

  1. Email
  2. Alternate email (if any)
  3. Contact number

Here, the client has the flexibility of changing the above details on his own. Also by default, client’s PNS number will be mentioned, if he wishes he can change it to a primary or secondary number as well. This information will be displayed in quotation pdf.

Road Ahead

Going forward we will roll out the following features that would accentuate the system further:

  1. Discount field
  2. Rearranging the product sequence
  3. Better format of the quotation pdf

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