1. As a buyer, why should I use IndiaMART PayX?

As a buyer, you should use IndiaMART PayX to pay to sellers because with IndiaMART PayX you can:

  • Purchase without worrying about getting wrong product after payment.
  • Purchase from any seller across India with confidence.
  • Pay to seller only after you receive the goods.
  • Get refund if you receive wrong product.
  • Get all the above benefits at zero cost.

2. As a seller, why should I use IndiaMART PayX?

As a seller, should use IndiaMART PayX to collect payment from buyers because with IndiaMART PayX you can:

  • Sell across India with confidence.
  • Start delivery only after buyer deposits complete amount.
  • Get instant payment on successful delivery of product.
  • Do business without having to travel to location for payment collection.
  • Enjoy all the above benefits at zero cost.

3. How IndiaMART PayX works?

  • Buyer and Seller finalize the deal.
  • Buyer deposits the complete amount with IndiaMART PayX.
  • Seller starts the delivery.
  • Buyer receives and verifies the product.
  • IndiaMART PayX releases the payment to seller.

4. Is IndiaMART PayX service free to use?

IndiaMART PayX is a free of cost service for our buyers and sellers.

5. What types of payment methods can a Buyer use?

The buyer can pay through any of the following modes: Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Wallets, NEFT, IMPS and RTGS.

6. Can a buyer pay over a period of time?

Buyer must deposit the complete amount in the starting of the transaction.

7. How long does it take for Suppliers to be paid?

Supplier gets payment within 1 business day after the buyer confirms the delivery of the product.

8. How does IndiaMART PayX protect against fraud?

All payments by the Buyer are verified by ICICI Bank before the Supplier is instructed to ship.
IndiaMART PayX provides a platform for tracking product dispatch and delivery timelines.
If the shipment is fraudulent, it gives the Buyer the chance to return it to the Supplier without funds being released.

9. What if the Buyer does not confirm the delivery within 2 business days?

IndiaMART PayX will release funds to the Supplier at the end of 2 days of delivery receipt, as long as the Buyer has not declined the shipment by raising a dispute.

10. Who would bear taxes and other government duties?

The Buyer and Supplier mutually agree as to who bears the taxes, shipping cost and any government duties. IndiaMART PayX will hold the final transaction amount on behalf of Buyer and Seller.

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