1. Company URL
  2. Subscription Details
  3. No. of Product Information
  4. Company and Contact Details
  5. Benefit of Adding Mobile Numbers
  6. Click To Call
  7. Toll Free
Company URL

What is  a company URL?

It is a web address provided for your catalog location. This URL hosts your company catalog.

Why do you have to verify my company URL?

We need to verify that the info displayed is correct to avoid any discrepancies.

How do you verify my URL?

We check online whether it is working as expected and reaching to right company’s catalog.

What are the benefits of the company URL?

It is a unique web identity on online space. It hosts your catalog.

Can I use this URL as my Online Web Address?


How can I check my web address?

We will provide you the link in a mail, just click on this link to reach your web page and display your catalog.

What is the validity of my web address?

Your web address will be valid till you are a customer of IndiaMART.

Is this URL free?

Yes, it’s a part of the contract.

How many URLs can i get?

Only one web address is provided according to the contract.

Can I redirect this URL to my existing websites?

No, we can’t redirect this URL to your existing website.


Subscription Details

MDC (Mini Dynamic Catalog)

What is MDC?

MDC is a web catalog just like a business website which is very user-friendly and all-inclusive catalog for online marketing.

Do you have any other services?

MDC is our initial package, however you are always welcome to subscribe or choose from our other services.

How is a catalog is different from a website?

There is very small difference as the  catalog runs on a sub-domain (i.e. http://www.indiamart.com/yourcompanyname) whereas a website runs on an absolute domain (i.e. http://www.yourcompanyname.com)

How do I know the details of my services?

We would send you a complete welcome kit with all the required information and details within a period of 15-25 days of the start of the service.This kit would detail out all the contracted services and other add-ons provided.

How can I extend / renew my service?

You can always give us a call at 096-9696-9696 or mail us at customercare@indiamart.com

Do I have to pay for renewal or extension of my service?


Shall I be informed about renewal?

Yes, we will inform you in advance of your renewal due date.

How can I contact you?

At the inception of your service, we will provide you with all the required contact details. However, you can always contact us on 096-9696-9696.

How can I lodge a complaint?

You may call us at 096-9696-9696 or mail us at customercare@indiamart.com


No. of Product Information

What are the number of products that can be added in MDC?

You can add up to ‘400 products’.

How can I know the number of  products in my catalog?

Login to http://my.indiamart.com using your username and password.

What is my username and password?

Your username and password has been previously communicated to you, however you can always get it by dropping a request with us.

How can I add more product(s)?

You can add product(s) by accessing http://my.indiamart.com using your username and password.

Can IndiaMART add products for me?

Yes, we can take your request and will process it accordingly.

Why do I need to add more products?

More products will help you to enrich your online product showcase that in turn get more customers.

Where should I display my product?

Your approved product will be displayed in your online catalog as well in IndiaMART Marketplace.

Can anyone buy these products from my website?

No, this service is not included; however your prospective customer can send their enquiries with their contact details.


Company and Contact Details

Why does IndiaMART verify my company name?

To avoid any discrepancies or spelling error.

Can I change my company name?

You cannot change the name of the company.

Can I change my contact and details?

Yes, you can do so by accessing my.indiamart.com using your username and password.

Why do I have to verify my E-mail details?

For IndiaMART and your buyers to communicate with you.

Can I change or update my primary e-mail ID?

You can mail us your request for change.

Why do I have to verify my contact details, Phone or mobile number?

To avoid any discrepancies and for IndiaMART and buyers to reach you.

Benefit of Adding Mobile Numbers

What are the benefits of mobile number?

There are multiple benefits, however few of them are:

  • Buyer can call you on real time ‘Click To Call’
  • Get Business enquiries alerts via SMS
  • Get Trade alerts
  • Get all your tenders alerts
  • Get transactional SMS

Do I have to pay anything extra for this service?

No, this is a free Add-on.

Is it mandatory to add mobile number?

Yes, at least one primary mobile number is required.

Can I change or update my mobile number?


Do you share same queries with other members as well?


Can I get queries in 2-3 mobile numbers simultaneously?




What is ‘Click To Call’ Service?

Our Click-to-call enables our members to convert web traffic into direct telephone communication with just the click of a button. It’s a free of cost Phone to Phone service which enables your worldwide buyers to get in touch with you anytime.

How does ‘Click To Call’ Service work for me?

This will enable your buyers to contact you directly  with just click. This is a feature available on your online catalog. Your buyer will click on link ‘Click to Call’ available on each web page of your catalog. Buyer will fill up his contact details and select option to ‘Send SMS’ on your mobile phone or ‘Click to Call’ to speak to you. IndiaMART will directly connect your buyer to you on your mobile.

Do I have to pay anything extra for this service?

No, this is a free Add-on.

Can I call my buyers by using this service?
No. Only your buyer can call / SMS you.

How long can a buyer talk to me?

Upto 50 minutes a month.

Can I get calls on my ‘Other Mobile Phone’?

No. This service is available only on ‘Primary Mobile’


Toll Free

Who responds to Toll Free number?

Our dedicated team of customer service will assist you with any question or concern.

Is it 24×7?

This is available during business hours.

How can you reach IndiaMART?

Via mail : customercare@indiamart.com
Via Telephone : 096-9696-9696
Via Postal Address : IndiaMART.com
7th & 8th Floor, Advant-Navis Business Park,
Plot No-7, Sec-142, Noida, Uttar Pradesh,
Pin – 201 305, India