Verified Suppliers and TrustSEAL

What do the different authentication seals for suppliers on IndiaMART?

  • TrustSEAL- Seal of trust a seller gets after getting its business-related documents and information verified by our team


  • Verified sellers- Sellers whose email, company name & contact details are verified via our verification call

verified supplier

What is TrustSEAL?

TrustSEAL is a paid add-on service for MDC package and a complementary service Maximizer package and above. It certifies IndiaMART supplier as a genuine and trusted supplier, thereby, building credibility of the supplier among prospective buyers.

What are the benefits that a supplier gets with TrustSEAL?

Once the supplier is TrustSEAL verified, he/she gets additional benefits as part of the package.

  • TrustSEAL logo
  • TrustSEAL stamp in IndiaMART listing
  • TrustSEAL certificate
  • TrustSEAL report

How is IndiaMART TrustSEAL allotted?

For SMEs to attain TrustSEAL with ease, IndiaMART has devised a simple yet stringent process. The company has to submit copies of documents along with a subscription application and specified fees. IndiaMART authorized verification agency then verifies the documents and authenticates the data. Thereafter, it assigns TrustSEAL to the company, depending on the result of verification.

How is IndiaMART TrustSEAL different from traditional authentication and verification services?

IndiaMART TrustSEAL is not a substitute for traditional authentication/verification services. It is a necessary tool to establish credibility of a seller online. It builds trust between buyers and sellers on IndiaMART platform. IndiaMART TrustSEAL is only indicative and not inferential for all practical purposes.