Buy a Product through IndiaMART

What is a ‘Buying Requirement’?

  • ‘Buying Requirements’ are purchase requests posted online by buyers
  • ‘Buying Requirements’ invite suppliers to send their quotations for the required products

Does IndiaMART charge any service fee? is completely free for buyers. We do not charge any membership fee or any commission on transactions from our buyers.

Can I still buy products through IndiaMART even if I don’t own a company?

Yes, you can buy products even though you don’t own a company

  • The majority of suppliers on IndiaMART are manufacturers, wholesalers/ retailers/ traders dealing in bulk orders. To match the suppliers’ scale, preferred buyers are businesses.
  • However, individual buyers can also connect with suitable suppliers for their requirements.
  • We recommend you to connect with retailers/wholesalers, who would be willing to supply goods with a low value of minimum order quantity (MOQs).

What is the buyer’s journey for Pay with IndiaMART?

  • The buyer goes to your IndiaMART catalog and clicks on Pay with IndiaMART
  • Enters his/her mobile number and product details
  • Use Pay with IndiaMART payment methods to make the payment
  • After a buyer has done the payment, you’ll get a notification to accept the payment
  • If you are not a pre-approved KYC supplier, you’ll have to verify yourself through our KYC process. Then the payment will be released into your account.

How do I make payment through Pay with IndiaMART?

  • Step 1- Enter the mobile number on
  • Step 2- Enter details and amount of the product/service to be purchased
  • Step 3- Select the desired payment option and make the payment

My transaction failed but the money is deducted from my account. What should I do?

  • Payment can fail due to a technical glitch or due to incorrect payment credentials
  • If the amount has been deducted from your account with no order confirmation, please raise a query with us
  • our payment confirmation will automatically be confirmed by our system & will be sent to you through Email and SMS in 48 hours
  • However, if you get a payment declined message, please check with your bank for details or contact us
  • You may be required to submit a screenshot of your account statement showing the deducted amount
  • Please be assured that your amount will be refunded to you in case of the failed order transaction


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