Trade Disputes

Does IndiaMART take responsibility for any fraudulent nature of suppliers?

IndiaMART is an online marketplace which brings together buyers and suppliers. It does not participate in the negotiations and transactions that take place between buyers and suppliers.

  • IndiaMART, therefore, is not accountable for the fraudulent nature of suppliers/ buyers.
  • However, in case there is a complaint against a supplier, IndiaMART conducts a proper check and takes appropriate action.

How does IndiaMART Payment Protection protect against fraud?

  • All payments by the buyer are verified by ICICI Bank before the supplier is instructed to ship his goods. IndiaMART Payment Protection provides a platform for tracking product dispatch and delivery timelines.
  • If the shipment is not as per agreement, it gives the buyer the chance to return it to the supplier without payment release.

What happens if the supplier fails to deliver the agreed product?

  • In spite of its rare occurrence, in case such a situation arises, we take the necessary action after verifying details of the complaint.
  • Since IndiaMART doesn’t guarantee the quality of services offered by different suppliers listed with us it is always advisable to contact multiple suppliers and then choose the best