Managing your lead becomes easier | Android Launch | App version 12.4.7

The Android launch of the app version 12.4.7 will make doing business easy like never before! It comes with features that will help you keep all your business numbers on your fingertips. It comes with amazing features like:

1. Summary Bar in Lead Manager
With an aim to help sellers update their leads without any delay, we have added new summary bars in the Lead Manager listing tabs. Clicking on these summary bars (Unread Messages, Missed Calls, To Follow-up) takes the user to a filtered view of the respective content.

2. Now Upload Multiple Images for your Product
With this, we are enabling sellers to create a portfolio of their products with a facility to add up to 12 different images, while previously they could simply add one image for one product.

3. Smart BL Filter Bar
Unlike earlier, when all types of BuyLead consumers/ non-consumers used to see similar filters during BuyLead discovery stage, we have made the BL filters display as per the sellers’ behavior.

4. Do instant chat with Suppliers / Buyers and send a message in offline mode also
To enhance the experience of sellers and buyers while chatting on Lead Manager/Messages, we have enabled the offline reply, call, reminders and notes options on Lead Manager. With this, the user even in low/no connectivity can continue to chat seamlessly.

5. Online User Appears with a Stable Status in Lead Manager and Messages
In order to show a stable and non-fluctuating online status of buyers and sellers in the App, the online status of the contact persists in the Lead Manager and chat message screen for 2 minutes. The logic is such that if a user is online he will remain online without any recheck/update in the status for 2 minutes.

6. PNS Setting Page Screen ~ Enable & Disable Functionality of Office and Non-Office Timings
We have introduced new PNS setting screen, from where the user can view the existing numbers associated with PNS service. He can also change the settings for office/non-office timings from this screen. Moreover, the screen goes onto display how the functionality of PNS service works.

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