1. What is Company Profile?
  2. What is Contact Profile?
  3. What is Business Profile?
  4. What is Statutory Profile?
  5. What is Testimonials?
  6. What is News / Press Release?
  7. What is Job Posting?
What is ‘Company Profile’ tab?

This is an inclusive feature for IndiaMART’s members that allows you to add and update your contact details, business information and your company fact sheet. Consequently, you can also post or update company news, press releases, testimonials and jobs/openings that will be further showcased in your catalog.


What is Contact Profile?

This section allows users to add, edit or update their contact details. We highly recommend you to always keep your contact information (company name, contact person, designation, address details, contact number, etc.) updated to continue getting relevant enquiries.


  • Relevant and latest business enquiries.
  • Helps your buyers to reach you instantly.
  • Represent your professionalism amongst buyers.
  • Assists you in promoting your company.
  • Helps IndiaMART to communicate to you on time.

How can I edit my contact details?


What is Business Profile?

The more detailed and updated the information, the more relevant queries you get. We always recommend you to keep the required business information updated. This helps us to get you more relevant and genuine enquires.

Business Profile includes:

-Company name
-Website address
-Product profile of the company
-Business type
-Product/service that you sell or buy


  • Get relevant and genuine business enquiries from buyers.
  • Share credibility and information with your potential buyers.
  • Allows you to build confidence amongst the buyers.
  • Useful way to inform buyers about your goods and services.
  • Influence the buyers’ decision by demonstrating your credibility.

How can I post Business Information?




What is What is Statutory Profile?

‘Statutory Profile’ allows you to add various information about your company such as company registration number, registration authority, CIN number, TAN number, PAN number, service tax number, VAT number and many more.


  • Increase level of trust amongst your potential buyers.
  • Get genuine buyer for your product and services.
  • Helps in convenient dealing between you and the buyer.
  • Demonstrate your credibility and convince your buyers.

How can I post Statutory Profile?



What is Testimonials?

‘Testimonials Section’ allows you to post buyers’ testimonials in your catalog. This will help you build credibility and increase trust level amongst your prospective buyers.


  • Build trust amongst your prospective buyers.
  • Post testimonial that appeals your target market.
  • Represents your company’s image amongst buyers.
  • Build trust and believability in your products and services.
  • Establish buyer’s trust on your business.

How can I add Testimonials in my catalog?



What is News / Press Release?

This section allows you to post company news and press releases in your catalog.


  • Post interesting news about your company.
  • Share your accomplishments and achievements.
  • Increase the visibility of your websites.
  • Share important and newsworthy information with your buyers.
  • Create strong and positive image of your company.

How can I post Company News / Press Releases in my catalog?



What is Job Posting?

This section helps you post job openings and get potential candidates for your organization.


  • Post job openings in your company’s website.
  • Get quick response from right candidate.
  • Save HR and expensive recruitment fees.
  • Flexibility of setting you own standard.
  • Allows you to reach bigger audience.

How can I post Jobs / Openings in my catalog?